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Whether you want a simple guide on how to revise for each subtest on the UCAT, or you need a simple question bank to practise your skills, our free resources have you covered!

Practice the UCAT subtests!

Practice your skills with real UCAT questions!

UCAS personal statement length check!

Revising with books? Use this tool to keep time!

Archive of personal statements from previous medical students!

Learn to use the UCAT calculator with this tool!

Simple tool to check whether your UCAT score is enough for medical school!

Having trouble with Verbal Reasoning? Maybe you need to practice your skim reading!

Archive of past BMAT papers and answer!

A library of all things and nothing!

Forum to post questions and ask for help relating to medical school applications!

Need any advice? Don’t want to post in the forum? Just ask me directly!

Need Extra Practice?

Consider checking courses or advanced tools!

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