Use this page to check and edit your personal statement according to the UCAS guidelines. Scroll down to take advantage of the tips and tricks for writing a superb personal statement for medical school!

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What is this page for?

    • This page simply allows you to check and edit the length of your personal statement against the UCAS criteria of 47 lines.
    • Microsoft word and google docs don’t necessarily count a “line” the same way UCAS does so this is a simple tool that checks everything against the strict UCAS criteria. Scroll down to get some inspiration while you write.

When to use?

    • You can essentially use this page as a text editor for your statement if you wish. Microsoft Word and google docs have formatting options such as bold/ headings etc which are all stripped when you submit your personal statement.
    • The editor on this page strips such formatting by default so you can focus on writing a top-notch statement, with a bit of inspiration from the tips below!

Starting a statement is hard! 

    • Which is why we put together some resources below to help make a start. 
    • We also have an the inspiration page with exemplar personal statements and dissected paragraphs from previous medical students. Check it out here, or click the inspiration button below!

Paste Text Below

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Statement Outline

Why do you want to be a doctor? Believe me this won’t be the first or last time you answer this so have a good answer!

    • What experience of medicine do you have, and what did you learn from these experiences? Skills gained?
    • What are some extra-curricular activities that make you a well rounded candidate?
    • Do these extra-curricular activities make you well suited for medicine? ie good communication as part of the debate team
    • short and sweet conclusion to end

Always Be original and honest. 

    • Most people open with cliches. Don’t do that. 
    • Maybe prepare an anecdote about your experiences with healthcare professionals. 
    • They may have inspired you from a young age but don’t say you wanted to become a doctor from day 1.

Why do you want to become a doctor? 

This is usually the hardest question to answer and it takes a lot of figuring out. As cliche as it sounds, you must be compassionate, caring and willing to put your knowledge to good use in helping others. 

    • is it because you care for others?
    • Who inspired you and how?
    • Did you have an experience in a hospital or care home, or even a non-medical experience that made you discover that caring for others was your passion?
Exploration and Suitability

How do you know you are cut out for medicine?

    • What are the steps you have taken that demonstrate your passions for medicine?
    • Have you done your research and actually sought out experiences that give you glimpses into the healthcare system?
    • Most importantly what have these experiences taught you?
Extra-Curricular Activities

What do you do in your spare time?

What is a notable activity you do that demonstrates your commitments, communication skills, general roundedness, empathy, drive, ambition?

    • Are you in a band, church choir, drama group, football club, or actively learning a new language? These things prove you are driven and committed to achieving a goal
    • are you in the debate team, an avid reader, part of the welcome team in your church, an open day host at your school, or a babysitter? These things, as small as they sound can demonstrate your language and interpersonal skills, and your ability to be patient.
    • are you a volunteer at a homeless shelter, care home or charity shop? These things show your compassion, care and kind nature, and will certainly give your personal statement a huge boost.  

You have done all the work!

    • now just end with a nice closing remark summarising your suitability.
    • Don’t however just repeat yourself over and over again.

See some good examples below!



Example personal statments – Taken from our PS commentary page and originally from The Student Room PS archives.

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