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UCAT Tools Relaxation Suite

We all need to relax once in a while! Here’s a simple page designed to help you achieve just that! complete with switch toggles, the UCAT-Tools Relaxation Suite will play relaxing musing in the background, and render relaxing visuals and thought-provoking quotes in the foreground! Explore the toggles for yourself, and make sure to Go …

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BMAT PAST PAPERS QUESTIONS PRACTICE WHAT IS THE BMAT APTITUDE SCIENTIFIC WRITING WHAT IS THE BMAT BMAT stands for the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). It is an aptitude test which is used as part of medical and dental admissions to a number of UK universities.  The following universities use the BMAT in their application process: …

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UCAT Timings and UCAT Timer Tool

UCAT Timing structure The UCAT assesses a range of cognitive abilities necessary for entry into medical and dental school. The test is 2 hours and consists of five separately timed subtests in multiple-choice format. By knowing the timing structure, you can determine how long to spend on one question, or whether to flag the question and …

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MASTER A SUBTEST Verbal Reasoning Speed, accuracy, and reading comprehension. Decision Making All about logic and reasoning! Are you any good at logic puzzles? Abstract Reasoning Can you find the hidden patterns quickly? Quantitative Reasoning Numbers and data interpretation. How good is your mental maths? Situational Judgement What are the attributes of a good healthcare …


Example Medical Personal Statements With Commentary

Take a look at some past personal statements of students who have either graduated from or are working towards medical degrees! Each personal statement is broken down into 5 sections with commentary. This is how you should be structuring your paragraphs. Enjoy and visit as many times as needed. Medicine Personal Statement #1 source:The Student …

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Entry Requirement Checker

Among other things such as work experience, Uni location, and funding, there are 4 main things to think about when choosing your perfect medical school. Use this tool to filter through your ideal medical school! A-LEVELS 🎓 ENTRY EXAMS 📝 WIDER PARTICIPATION 👪 OTHER QUALIFICATIONS 💼 A-LEVELS 🎓 A-Levels are an important part of the …

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