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BMAT PAST PAPERS QUESTIONS PRACTICE WHAT IS THE BMAT APTITUDE SCIENTIFIC WRITING WHAT IS THE BMAT BMAT stands for the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). It is an aptitude test which is used as part of medical and dental admissions to a number of UK universities.  The following universities use the BMAT in their application process: …

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geometry, mathematics, volume

UCAT calculator

UCAT CALCULATOR SIMULATOR The UCAT calculator is an important tool to master in order to save time in your exam. Practice with this tool and explore the various different functionalities and how you can use them to increase your efficiency and give yourself more time! WHEN TO HOW TO CALC OR BRAINS This calculator is …

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Text Skimmer Tool

TEXT SKIMMER TOOL Students struggle most with the Verbal Reasoning subtest in my opinion which is why i created this tool! It essentially helps with skim reading. HOW TO WHAT IT IMPROVES TRANSLATING TO EXAM CONDITIONS HOW TO The aim is to find the keyword that it asks you to find. Once you click it, it automatically moves …

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