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Practice with over 200 free UCAT questions in timed and un-timed conditions!

We want to be a FREE one-stop shop for all your med-school needs. Take full advantage of all the tools and information on the website. Happy browsing!

I created this game because every year UK students take the UCAT entry exam for medical school. Verbal Reasoning is consistently the lowest scoring test! Watch Guide.

Medical School Finder

Find the right medical school based on your grades, location (coming soon) and academic performance! 

Medical School Library

Once you get into med school, you’ll need to do quite a lot of reading! Our med school library collects all the resources needed to understand medicine and puts them in one place. happy browsing!

Application Guide

Click For A Step By Step Guide on how to:

– Apply for medicine in the UK

– Finding work experience

– Write an absolutely Killer personal statement

– Prepare for Interviews and MMI’s

–  Finding the right medical school with our in-house tool!


Write A Killer Personal Statement

How to capture admissions tutors and stand out!

Ace Your Med School Interviews

How to approach MMIs vs a traditional interview

Choose The Right Medical School

Tool that takes into account grades, subjects and UCAT!

Why Study Medicine

What are good and bad reasons to want to study medicine?

Score Big on UCAT with VR

Score 600+ with our tools and tips for VR

Finding Relevant Work Experience

How to approach the tricky world of work experience


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2020/2021 entry key dates

Registration opens: 1st July 2020.

Testing begins: 3rd August 2020.

Registration deadline: To be advised.

Bursary application deadline: 30th September 2020.

Last test date: 1st October 2020.

UCAS application deadline: 15 October 2020. Please note that all dates are subject to change.

About us

My name is Josh and i’m a UK-based Biomedical Science student. I decided to dedicate some time to creating resources that would have been very helpful to me when I was applying! 

Click to continue reading in the About Us section.

Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want as people who have dreams of studying medicine, to be able to get on a medical course.

We hate the idea that students can be denied entry to a life-long career for something that can be practiced and perfected such as personal statements and entry exams. Read more.

Our offer

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