Is 640 in the UCAT good, bad or Average?

If you’re wondering whether a 640 UCAT score is good, bad or average, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what a 640 UCAT score means and how it compares to other scores.

Is 640 in the UCAT good, bad or Average?

1. Is 640 in the UCAT good, bad or Average?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s opinion will differ.

However, a score of 640 in the UCAT is generally considered to be average.

While the real average as determined by the 50th percentile (or 5th decile) is roughly 625-630 which is very close to 640.

This means that you have performed neither exceptionally well nor exceptionally poorly in the test.

If you are happy with your score, then there is no need to worry.

However, if you are aiming for a place at a highly competitive university, you may need to retake the test and aim for a higher score or have exceptional academics.

2. The UCAT is a test used to HELP decide who gets into medical school

The UCAT is a test used to help decide who gets into medical school.

It is a multiple-choice test that covers a range of topics, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

The test is designed to assess a range of skills that are important for success in medical school, however, the test is not exhaustive.

The UCAT score is not assessed in a vacuum, and only constitutes one part of the application process.

If your UCAT score is strong, but your academics are weak, you are unlikely to get an interview.

In the same token, if your UCAT score is weak, but your academics are ok, you may not achieve the minimum cut-off.

All aspects of your application must be strong to even have an opportunity.

However, it is important to note that a 640 may be enough to get an interview depending on your application cycle and the university you apply for.

It just isn’t guaranteed.

6. A score of 640 is still respectable

Even though it is average, 640 may be enough for universities like Keele.

You should certainly still apply if you have achieved a score of 640.

Applications must be made strategically.


While 640 is considered average, or a little better than average, it certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting into medical school.

If you meet all other academic and work experience criteria, 640 should be enough to get at least one interview for medical/dentistry school in the UK.

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