The UCAT, or the University Clinical Aptitude Test, is a test that is required for admission into many medical schools in the United Kingdom.

It is a multiple-choice test that covers a variety of topics, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and decision-making.

The UCAT is not an easy test, but some students find certain subtests to be more difficult than others.

In this blog, we will be discussing the easiest UCAT subtest.

1. UCAT – What is The Easiest Subtest?

There are four scaled UCAT subtests: Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Decision Making. So, which is the easiest subtest?

Well, that depends on your strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re good with numbers and logic, then the Quantitative Reasoning subtest might be the easiest for you.

If you’re more of a creative thinker, then the Abstract Reasoning subtest might be easier.

Ultimately, the best way to prepare for the UCAT is to focus on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. That way, you’ll be prepared for any of the subtests.

Historically, the quantitative reasoning subtest has consistently been the highest-scoring subtest by students on average each year.

This means that purely based on scores alone, the quantitative reasoning subtest is the easiest in the UCAT exam.

2. What makes the QR subtest the easiest

Why it is the easiest can be attributed to a number of different factors.

For one, the questions are quite easy in comparison to some of the harder subtests.

The time given is a lot more reasonable than other subtests.

Typically the maths required is at most GCSE level, which most if not all applicants are comfortable with.

3. What other subtests are easy?

The abstract reasoning section of the UCAT exam is also a subtest that is scored very well by students on average.

This is strange since it seems to be the most different out of the bunch.

Situational judgement isn’t a scaled subtest in the same way that the others are, however it is also one of the subtests that students seem to find easy.

50% of students score respectably in the SJT section which proves this.


The Quantitative Reasoning subtest is likely to be the easier you will encounter in the UCAT exam.

However, depending on your own skills and strengths, you may find you perform best or similarly in a few different subtests.

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