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If you are looking for the best revision book for UCAT practice, look no further! In this blog post, we will recommend the top three revision books that will help you ace the UCAT exam.

Important to note that these picks are my own opinion – no affiliate links were used.

Book practice is your unique opportunity to get an understanding of the question styles, and how best you can answer them in the given time frames.

Score Higher on the UCAT by Kaplan Test Prep

If you are looking for the best revision book to help you prepare for the UCAT, then look no further than the Kaplan UCAT Practice Book. This book is packed with practice questions and explanations of the concepts you need to know to do well on the UCAT.

The book also includes a full-length practice test to help you get a feel for the exam  – and if that isn’t enough, there is also a diagnostic test to help gauge your performance at the start of your practising journey.

ISC 1300 practice questions

This is the newest version of the classic 600 and 1250 ISC UCAT books that were so popular In the 2010s and still are popular!

They are a brilliant pick if you simply want to practice questions!

Historically, the questions in the ISC books are slightly harder than what is expected in the actual UCAT exam, especially for quantitative reasoning and Abstract reasoning.

This however may have been improved in later iterations – if anything difficult questions are likely to help overprepare you for your exam.

It may also needlessly intimidate you into thinking the UCAT exam is harder than it is.

Just some considerations for ISC.

Make sure to use our timer tool when practising with any books!

UCAT TOOLS – Notes Guide

This is a shameless plug for our own site – we have provided free resources for a couple of years now.

If you are interested in accessing the notes we’ve shared on each subtest on our website, all in one place in a convenient e-book, check out our UCAT book.

Of course, all this content is available on this site for free as well!


There are a few different ways you can go about studying for the UCAT, but one of the most effective is to use revision books. This is because they provide you with a structured approach to learning, as well as a wealth of information that can be used to revise.

Make sure to use our timer tool when practising with any books – but only when you are ready to start being timed!

It is important to start by doing only questions – no timers – then work up your speed, confidence, then time!

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