5 Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into For School Leavers

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Have you ever dreamed about a career in medicine? You are presumably well aware that getting into a medical school requires commitment, patience, and resilience due to competitiveness. But don’t let that intimidate you! 

Here are some universities you should consider for their ease of entry.


For school leavers, Keele may be a great option for students who aren’t necessarily outperforming their cohort in UCAT scores or academics significantly but still manage to meet the basic academic requirements.

The Keele cut-off is generally set pretty low and is quite attainable for the majority of test-takers.

For graduates, Keele may not be the very best option as they have completely different criteria for students who already hold degrees. However they still have a high graduate count, so it may still be worth applying. 

University of Exeter

The University of Exeter has fairly standard entry requirements and a well-documented selection process that includes generating a score from weighting the UCAT at 25% and academics at 75%. 

This leniency with the UCAT, in conjunction with their relatively high acceptance rate for home students, makes Exeter a good choice for many school leavers in the UK.


Leeds boasts a large cohort for both medical and dental programs, which means there are more spaces available than many other medical schools and a higher chance of securing a spot. 

Leeds also has relatively lenient entry requirements for both graduates and school leavers, even going further to provide alternative routes into medicine for young and mature students, in addition to the regularly offered contextual admissions.

A great option for students looking to study in the north and appreciate the party life that Leeds has to offer.


Newcastle’s medical school boasts an above-average acceptance rate of 16.1%. Moreover, your GCSEs—those stressful exams—are not factored into admissions! 

Newcastle also has a fair few spots available specifically for school leavers, making it a good option for UK-based students.


Manchester is one of the largest, if not the largest, medical schools in the UK. 

Their significant headcount for the medical program makes it great for students who would love to form lifelong bonds with a large cohort and get to know all types of people.

Manchester is one of the most diverse cities and influences a significant part of the selection process, promoting diversity in applications, including those from less fortunate backgrounds.

It is certainly a medical school to consider and to take close note of their widening criteria.


In summary, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the right medical school for you. Take this list as a preliminary guide in your search. Keep an open mind, understand each school’s unique offerings, and crucially, verify their admission requirements from their official websites. 

Remember, acceptance rates are subject to change yearly, so do your research thoroughly!

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