Learning To Drive as an Aspiring Medical Student

It is crucial that alongside your plans to study medicine and become a doctor, there are also plans to learn to drive!

Driving is a skill most adults must learn to cope with commute burdens.

This is more so the case for medical students who may start placement only a few months into their degree, and be required to commute to a variety of different hospitals and clinics every week.

Of course, it is simple to rely on public transport as a doctor-in-training, however, you will eventually need to tackle the issue of learning to drive.

  1. First you must get your provisional licence. This is as simple as filling out a form and submitting it. this allows you to drive vehicle while someone with a full license sits in the passengers seat.
  2. You must pass your theory. There are some great apps that can help with this, and you can practice while riding the bus! (since you cant drive yet!)
  3. Practice actually driving. Most time-consuming part since it requires booking lessons. Whatever you do, never take long breaks. It may also be useful to insure a parents car and have them teach you between official driving lessons.
  4. The actual exam! This is where this page comes in. Granted you have done everything right, all you need to do is practice some final questions that will be asked during your actual practical test. Learn away!

Theory test tool

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